Tony Abbott’s daughter voting “Yes” in SSM survey

Tony Abbott’s daughter has declared she’ll vote “Yes” in the upcoming Same-Sex Marriage survey, to support her aunt.

In a video created by “Yes” advocates, Frances Abbott said, “it really doesn’t make sense why it’s not allowed.”

Throughout the video, her overwhelming message is about love.


“You can’t help who you fall in love with,” she said.

“Love just happens sometimes and it’s unexpected, that’s kind of what’s the awesome thing about it.”

Ms Abbott speaks about how eager she is to attend the wedding of her Aunt, Christine Forster.

Councilor Forster was part of the Liberal Party’s “Yes” campaign launch, speaking in support of marriage reform alongside Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Ms Abbott is aware how her views differ from her conservative father who has become a leading voice for the “No” campaign.

She touches on the influence of her parents in the video saying her mother and father raised her to stand up for what she believes in.