Tony is a winker but is he to blame?

I think we have all known for some time that our Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a bit of a winker.

He has proved it again by winking lasciviously and doing that awful thing he does with his tongue while taking a call from a 67-year-old chronically ill grandmother forced to work on a phone sex line to make ends meet.

But the expression on Abbott’s face when he looked up and realised a camera had caught him was priceless.


I’m thinking of getting it on a T-shirt.

His people eventually put out a statement saying he was only winking at the host to show he was willing to take the call.


Politicians don’t get to choose which calls they take.

But the wink has gone viral now, the second time in a week that our politicians have stumbled arse up onto the world stage.

Frankly, I blame Abbott’s background in student politics.

I have always had reservations about the young puppies who join political parties straight out of school and then unquestioningly devote themselves to their new faith.

Young Labor, Young LNP – I am not biased, I worry for them all.

Students should be out having fun, mixing with as many different people as they can and seeking out diverse and wide ranging experiences.

Instead, if you look at their Facebook pages, they just party with the same people  every weekend, if they are not organising rallies or donning colourful t shirts to support their local MPs.

And both sides of politics are the same, fighting each other and amongst themselves.

The main difference between the Young Labor kiddies and the Young LNP is the conservative pups tend to be better dressed.

Young Labor is particularly cult-like.

They all marry one and other, have affairs, fight, fall out and splinter off into different factions while conducting intense and very serious debates about anything that moves.

While the LNP pups seem to just party a lot. They are the ones who always get in trouble for inappropriate Facebook posts.

Usually while wearing something stupid on their heads.
Abbott didn’t stand a chance.

Is it still ok to wink at someone to acknowledge them? Tell us in the comments below…

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