Toowoomba police honoured for their bravery under hail of gunfire

Officers who were caught in a deadly attack which claimed the life of a Toowoomba policeman have been honoured for their courage.

Senior Constable Brett Forte was awarded the Queensland Police Service Valour Award posthumously after trying to save his partner’s life as their patrol car was sprayed with bullets on May 29.

Senior Constable Catherine Nielsen, Senior Constable Scott Hill, Senior Constable Stephen Barlow and Constable Brittany Poulton, received the same award during a ceremony on Tuesday.


The Officers were involved in a violent stand off with career criminal Rick Maddison.

Maddison was part of a dramatic car chase, before he turned and shot at Constable Forte’s car with an automatic rifle.

He was later shot dead by special response officers, when he ran from a shed into the bush while shooting at police and helicopters.