Top Coalition MPs back the “yes” vote for same-sex marrige

A number of high ranking Liberal and National Party members have thrown their weight behind the “yes” vote for the upcoming same-sex marriage postal survey.

They’ve released a video message from prominent members, including Federal Cabinet Ministers Christopher Pyne and Kelly O’Dwyer, as well as Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman and former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett.

Same-sex marriage has proven to be a divisive issue within the Liberal and National party ranks, with Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison declaring they’ll vote “no”.


Speaking in Canberra, Treasurer Scott Morrison told reporters he won’t be campaigning either way.

“I’ve got a pretty important job to do as treasurer and I’m focused on the nation’s finances,” he said.

As well as the video message from MPs, the Coalition has launched an ad campaign which outlines why Liberal and National party voters want to make same-sex marriage legal.

“Let’s just get the gay marriage issue through, and then let’s get on with some economic policy,” one voter said in the advert.

Another said: “Unless we make the effort to do this now, it’s just something that’s going to linger on.”

Others in the video claim same-sex marriage will strengthen the family unit and Australians should be free to do what they want.