Top cop apologises to recreational bike riders

THE QUEENSLAND Police Commissioner has apologised to law-abiding motorcyclists after one rider filmed himself being pulled over for the twenty-first time since the bikie crackdown began and posted it online.

Jamie Edward Evans filmed police extensively quizzing him about his clothes, associations, friends, and line of work after he was pulled over at a Beenleigh service station, north of the Gold Coast.

Evans told officers he was a member of a social motorcycling group called the Misfits, which was not one of the criminal gangs named under the state’s new bikie laws.


The footage showed a heavy police presence, involving more than half a dozen officers and a number of police vehicles, swarm on the service station all for the intercept of one motorcyclist.

Mr Evans requested officers identify themselves to the camera at the begining of the video before going on to state he had no respect for police, claiming to have been pulled over 21 times for no reason since the new legislation was passed.

The ten-minute video has been viewed more than 300,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart apologised for any inconvenience caused to any recreational riders during the crackdown, however did not apologise for the force his officers used.

“I expect my officers to go out and do these jobs everyday. What I am apologising to the gentleman for is over the inconvenience of being stopped, and I will apologise to him again if he is stopped again,” Mr Stewart said.

“That is the nature of what is happening in Queensland.

“We are out there actively pursuing Criminal Motorcycle Gang members and the concept behind that is that they are involved in criminal activity in this state and we’re going after them. I make no apology for that whatsoever and I make no apology for the actions of my officers.

“I do apologise though for the inconvenience that is caused to people who have no links to criminal motorcycle but who may, because they are recreational motorcyclists, be stopped from time-to-time.

“I think it is probably unusual that we have got someone who has been stopped 21 times, if that is in fact the case, but again, I have no concern in saying I am sorry that has happened, but please look at the greater good for the state of Queensland and the whole community.”