Top ten reasons for divorce revealed

A STUDY published in The Mirror has revealed the top ten reasons married parents don’t get divorced when they want to.
The study of 2000 married parents found that 1 in 4 are unhappily married, but stay together because of the kids.

The report also revealed that 1 in 5 couples plan on staying together over the Christmas period, but will end the marriage in January.

Here are the top ten reasons married parents choose to stay together:


1.   I have too much to lose

2.  Worried about the impact on the children

3.  I can’t afford to move out/live on my own

4.  I can’t afford to go through a divorce

5.  I want to give it some more time before making a final decision

6.  Stigma of divorce

7. For my partner’s money

8.  Worried about how we will manage contact with the children

9. I worry I won’t meet anyone else

10. We have too many shared financial interests