Topless protesters charged after ‘attempting to glue themselves to windows’ in Sydney

A man and four women have been charged following a protest in Sydney’s CBD where a building was allegedly vandalised.

About 1.30pm on Tuesday, a group of people entered the lobby of a business building on Elizabeth Street before a man and a woman began to spray paint the windows.

Police said the man and four women, who were topless, attempted to glue themselves to the windows while the remaining members of the group remained in the lobby.


When asked to leave by building security, they allegedly refused, with police called in.

Upon arrival, a 31-year-old man, and four women aged 29, 48, 60 and 70 still refused to leave, with officers forced to remove them from the window, before they were arrested.

The group have since been charged with a string of offences including destroy or damage property, remain on prescribed premises without lawful excuse, and wilful and obscene exposure in/near public place/school.