Tornado reported as supercells strike Queensland

UPDATE at 5:00 PM | A SUPERCELL thunderstorm which whipped up destructive winds, thrashed towns with giant hail and spawned a tornado in Queensland is beginning to move offshore.

The storm first formed around Chinchilla around 12.30pm before intensifying as it moved northeast.

The very dangerous cell battered towns around Proston and Murgon with large hail up to 5cm wide before spawning a tornado at Tansey just after 3pm.


It went on to impact Tiaro before slamming into Maryborough and contracting offshore near Hervey Bay.

Emergency alert text messages were sent to residents in the area as the dangerous storm approached.

Another supercell formed near Dalby just before 11am and underwent rapid intensification before smashing into places around Kingaroy around 12.30pm.

This particular cell produced huge hailstones the size of tennis balls at Kumbia around midday before going on to smash Gympie.

Widespread property and vegetation damage has been reported from both storms.

Distressing images of injured and dead wildlife are also beginning to emerge online.

The weather bureau cancelled its tornado warning at 5pm but said very dangerous storms were still occurring around the Wide Bay and Burnett region, with large hail and destructive winds still possible.

At 4:45pm, other severe thunderstorms were detected near the area south of Biggenden.

These storms are moving northeast and are forecast to hit northwest of Lake Boondooma by 5:15pm.

UPDATE at 4:10 PM | A SUPERCELL thunderstorm capable of producing tornadoes and giant hail has carved a path of destruction through Queensland’s South Burnett region.

A tornado warning remains current for TIARO, MARYBOROUGH, and HERVEY BAY.

The Bureau of Meteorology updated its warning at 3:45pm, advising the very dangerous thunderstorm was still moving through the area north of Kilkivan and the ranges between Biggenden and Tiaro.

The cell is moving northeast towards the coast and has the potential to produce destructive winds, very large hailstones, and tornadoes. The storm spawned a twister near Tansey about 3.12pm.

The tornadic supercell, as seen on weather radar at 4:12pm | Weatherzone

Other severe thunderstorms are affecting the area near Lake Boondooma and are forecast to affect the area north of Lake Boondooma by 4:15pm and the ranges south of Gayndah by 4:45pm.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advise that people should:

  • Move your car under cover or away from trees.
  • Secure loose outdoor items.
  • Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees.
  • Avoid using the telephone during a thunderstorm.
  • Beware of fallen trees and powerlines.
  • For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500.

FIRST at 3:35 PM | A TORNADO has been reported near Gympie, as two supercell storms wreak havoc in Queensland.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a tornado warning for one of the storms located just to the northwest of Kilkiva, about 240km northwest of Brisbane, at 3.27pm.

The bureau said the very dangerous storm spawned a tornado as it passed southwest of Tansey.

The storm is tracking towards the northeast and is forecast to affect the area northwest of Gympie and north of Kilkivan by 3:55pm and Bauple, the area north of Gympie and Mount Kanighan by 4:25pm.

The weather bureau warns the very dangerous storm is capable of producing destructive winds, very large hail and tornadoes as it continues moving northeast toward the Coast.

The tornadic supercell, as seen on weather radar at 3pm | Source: Weatherzone

Hailstones the size of tennis balls were reported at Kumbia around midday, while stones up to 5cm wide battered areas between Proston and Murgon, causing widespread property and vegetation damage.

For life threatening emergencies phone Triple Zero000

Phone 132 500 for SES Storm and Flood Emergency assistance. Queensland Health 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84). Queensland Traffic and Travel information 13 19 40.