‘Totally ludicrous’: Coolie locals step up fight against new towers

Coolangatta locals have vowed to continue the fight against more high-rise towers, warning the suburb is in danger of being overwhelmed by new developments.

Dozens of residents gathered on Friday to voice their anger at a new 12-storey apartment complex earmarked for the Cafe Dbah site at Point Danger.

The project was approved without the need for community consultation as the building meets height requirements for the area.


But locals are angry at being unable to have their say and claim the development is not suitable for the area.

Mena Tsikleas from Friends of Rainbow Bay says the rules have got to change.

“Apparently, it fits under the height limits which Council has put in place which means that nobody can object to the building going in which I think is totally ludicrous., Mr Tsikleas said.

“These height restrictions are a joke.”

Mr Tsikleas has rejected claims by town planners that the development would have no major impact on the area.

“It impacts the community from parking, infrastructure, crowds.

“Everybody’s bleating now about the amount of traffic. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m in Pitt St or Marine Parade Rainbow Bay.”


Vicki Archer says locals are very concerned about the precedent this will set.

“Traffic and parking is already at a premium up here, residential towers will just put more pressure on that and the community are concerned that this will start a wave of even more high-density high rises in the area and we just can’t fit it in,” Ms Archer said.

Ms Archer says high-rises will spoil the very essence of why people visit that part of the Gold Coast.

“People come here to get away from the tall buildings and the high rises, they come here to get a breath of fresh air, get the views and have a look at the Gold Coast so the threat of that being compromised, locals aren’t very happy.”


Pearce Doherty says the suburb risks being overwhelmed with high-rises.

“The truth of the matter is that the more of these things you build the more population pressure comes onto the community,” Mr Doherty said.

The infrastructure is very low, roads get clogged, the more people you bring in the thicker it gets.

“It’s far too populated now and what we’re seeing is the overall streetscape, an urban landscape is destroyed by these big buildings.”


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Previous Community Consultation for the LAP strongly and clearly argued for the perseveration of the iconic headlands. Pt Danger is definitely one of these icons, it is for this reason that it needs to be protected and preserved. It is so so worth preserving, too good to lose for the sake of a few deep pocketed residents and developers. It (the headland) needs to be preserved for the general public and as a matter of equity.