Tough new child sex offender laws passed in Qld

Dangerous child sex offenders will be monitored for life under tough new laws passed by State Government overnight.

Queensland Parliament passed amendments to the Police Powers and Responsibilities and Other Legislation Act 2018 on Tuesday, making Queensland’s already strong child sex offender laws the toughest in the country.

As well as tracking child sex offenders for life, the State Government will also provide the Queensland Police Service with extra funding to provide extra resources for surveillance and enforcement operations.


What this means, is that the police will now know where a child sex offender lives, where they travel, if they have any contact with children, any changes to their appearance such as tattoos or distinguishing marks, details of their phone and internet connections and details of their social media accounts, interactions and passwords.

“The community can have confidence in the fact that these offenders will be monitored and will have strict reporting conditions,” Police and Corrective Services Minister Ryan said.

“If they fail to meet these reporting conditions, they face up to five years in jail.”

Under the new laws, when a child sex offender’s order ceases, they will now become automatic reportable offenders for the rest of their life.

Minister Ryan said there would also be another safeguard, which is that police could apply for “Offender Prohibition Orders” for any convicted child sex offender in the community that they had renewed concerns about.

It’s understood these orders would place restrictions on their movements.

“This would give police the power to stop someone living or working near a school, for example, or going to a children’s playground,” Minister Ryan said.

“We’re lowering the threshold for what constitutes ‘concerning conduct’ and expanding the types of conditions a court can impose, including enforcing GPS tracking, making counselling sessions compulsory, and directing them where to live.”