Tourism Australia launches new ‘PhilAUSophy’ campaign

Tourism Australia has launched a new campaign to get tourists down under.

The $38 million investment is set to be rolled out in 15 key tourism markets over the next three years, and is set to exhibit our ‘unique’ way of life, which has been labelled our ‘phil-AUS-ophy’.

It centers around nine philausophies that sum up our way of life… including a balanced lifestyle, mateship, storytelling, love of nature, no worries attitude, generosity of spirit, the Australian flavour, sense of adventure and boundless optimism.


As well as a ripper video, the three year plan also includes print advertisements, social media content, a refresh of and, and a new look book featuring well-known Aussie icons.

Federal Tourism Minsiter Simon Birmingham says tourism is a vital part of our economy, and it’s important to continue finding new ways to sell ourselves overseas.

“In such a competitive global market, the sell is tougher than ever. We need to stand out from the crowd and find a unique selling point that sets us apart from our competitors.

“Philausophy aims to do this by not only encouraging people to book a flight to Australia and visit our incredible destinations, but go a step further and actually immerse themselves in the best of the Australian way of life.

“At its core, Philausophy, is about giving travellers from around the world a taste of what makes Australia such an enjoyable destination by shining a spotlight on the people, lifestyle and personality that make Australian experiences so memorable.

“Tourism Australia’s marketing campaigns have done a great job over the years of promoting our key destination strengths, from our spectacular coastal environments to our unique fauna and flora and our world class food and wine.

“We know the unique nature of Australia combined with the welcoming and fun loving nature of Australians sets us apart, and it is this combination that will form a powerful platform for our next wave of exciting new campaigns,” Minister Birmingham said.

What do you think of the ad? Does it scream ‘straya?