Tourism bosses “devastated” after Qld slams border shut to Greater Sydney

Queensland has officially banned more than six million people in NSW from stepping foot in the sunshine state.

Greater Sydney and surrounding areas including the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour have now been declared COVID-19 hotspots.

Anyone arriving from those locations is being turned around at the border, with police ramping up their patrols.


While returning Queensland residents are being forced into mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days.

It comes just days before school holidays, with cancellations from thousands of people who were planning on travelling to the Gold Coast flooding in.

Queensland Tourism Industry Council CEO Daniel Gschwind said the industry just can’t catch a break.

“It will hurt them a lot. It is a situation where all the operators in Queensland and elsewhere are punchdrunk of all the ups and downs,” Mr Gschwind told Sunrise.

“They have had a tough 14 months and are trying to rebuild their businesses and it seems every time there is the hope of a stronger school holiday period that these hopes are dashed at the last minute.”

Tourism bosses are now hopeful that Greater Melbourne residents, who will be allowed back into Queensland from 1AM on Friday, will take up the spots left free by Sydneysiders.

“We certainly hope all the people from Melbourne will take up the bookings they had in place. It is all very last-minute,” Mr Gschwind told Sunrise.

“We had the hope a couple of days ago of Melburnians coming back to Queensland and we hope that does happen

“But the bookings that will now not eventuate from Sydney and other parts of NSW, that will hurt everybody, including the travellers, who will miss out on their holidays… It is a terrible, terrible situation.”

Mr Gschwind said the border closure is just another blow for the tourism industry, who are still trying to make up for losses last year of nationally $80 billion.

In Queensland, interstate travellers worth $10 billion and NSW is worth about half that, 5 billion over the year, so to lose holidays in a strong season is devastating for operators,” he said.

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The virus just needs warm bodies and if those bodies are holidaying will infect more bodies of the people they contact whilst holidaying.

What we need is a more effective managed quarantine because, right now, we are hugely vulnerable to a virus escape. That, and mass immunisation are the only tools we have to prevent the virus spreading and killing tens of thousands of vulnerable people.

Unfortunately the vaccine does not stop it spreading It only decreases your chances of dying from it as have 12 people recently in the UK who had both doses of Pfizer. You can still catch it and spread it even if you have been vaccinated This virus should be renamed the Borg virus because every time we get near to a way to kill it, it mutates so it can survive. Not an alien theory, it’s just how it works. So am I grateful this government is doing everything it can to save lives here? Of course I am. Do i feel sorry for the tourist industry who have been ripping us off for years? No. Australia is now the most expensive country to live in and prices continually go up and no one ever complains. Take the jump in petrol prices for example every holiday period. No reason for it whatsoever as oil has been at its lowest for years. Supermarket prices shot up 4 weeks ago and no one said a thing. The hotel I used to stay at has tripled its price for a room in the last 2 years. But no one every complains because everyone has been brainwashed into worrying they might be called a whinger. Only in Australia. Bottom line is my life is more important to me than worrying about how much hotels and restaurants are losing in revenue. I’ve yet to see an empty cafe.

Well said Deke.

The economists call this a K shaped recession. Many ordinary people are doing it tough but some have seen their wealth surge into the stratosphere (literally for Jeff Bezos). The likes of Harvey Norman were quick to demand bailouts and equally quick to say they weren’t giving a cent back when they made record profits. Now we have the tourism advocates crying because they took a risk and failed to plan for a crisis.

As for the virus, the only way to prevent it continuing to mutate is to vaccinate globally. Even then the risk is not totally eliminated but it will be hugely reduced. Until then we need to manage quarantine more effectively and use the vaccine as widely and wisely as possible.

best answer i have read in a long time