Tourism bosses looking to September despite July border reopening

Tourism bosses now say that a potential July 10 border reopening date isn’t good enough, with businesses to miss out on much needed dollars during the winter school holidays.

The Prime Minister and the state government flagged the date on Friday, despite the Premier once hinting that a September date was far more likely.

But businesses will still miss out on the winter school holiday crowd, with the border closures to stay in place  until the end of the holiday period.


Local leaders are now turning their attention to the September school holidays, with reports Destination Gold Coast is preparing a multi-million dollar marketing campaign.

Meantime, local councils throughout the Sunshine State are now supporting a ‘tourism levy’, which would see visitors pay a bed tax for every night that they holiday up here.

The Local Government Association of Queensland has now written to the Premier on the matter, saying all 77 councils are backing the idea.

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Good One…Sunshine State…a ‘Tourism Levy’ bed tax ??? As if it isn’t already expensive enough to travel + stay domestically!…

Agree! We are definitely like third world countries, paying extra crap a night that does not make sense, BS charge!