Tourism largely left out in the cold in Fed Budget

The Tourism Sector is one of the biggest losers in the May Budget, with Tourism Australia to lose $35 million in funding.

Daniel Gschwind from the Queensland Tourism Industry Council said he was disappointed to hear that the Federal Government’s principal marketing agency is losing cash.

Mr Gschwind said the body stands to lose $14 million over the next year.  He said “it’s disappointing since we have so many opportunities in tourism to help grow our economy, help grow our export earnings”.


He said the Qld Tourism Industry Council is also concerned about the increase in “visa application fees which will add another $400 million to the Budget from putting I guess financial barriers to visitors coming here which is making us a bit less competitive in the international market”.

Mr Gschwind added it is “disappointing because we believe tourism is such a growth opportunity and will continue hopefully to be one, but these measures don’t help and work against us, rather than for us”.

He said the next focus will be on the State Budget, but added the Queensland Tourism Industry Council would continue to work through the detail in the Federal Budget and “making sure the pressure is kept on the Federal Government to make sure across all portfolios that tourism is the priority it should be”.

“It is one of the major job creators for the Gold Coast and other regions and we have to make sure that remains at the forefront of the Federal Government’s thinking as well.

“Whether that’s in the tourism budget itself or whether it’s in other departments where tourism plays a role and tourism can benefit from a Government focus.

He added he is thrilled that the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games has secured additional funding of $50 million.

Mr Gschwind said the “Comm Games will be an important milestone for not just the Gold Coast but for Australia, it’s going to be a major event next year globally and we certainly have to make sure that we make every amount of opportunity out of that as possible and we need the Federal Government to support that”.