Tourist dead after accidentally falling from Surfers Paradise high rise

A tourist has tragically lost his life after falling off a high rise balcony in Surfers Paradise over the weekend.

The Victorian man was holidaying with friends and family at The Hilton, when he fell around 40 stories late on Friday night.

Emergency services initially ruled the death as non-suspicious, but have since revealed it was a horrible accident.


It’s understood the 36-year-old man was standing on a chair trying to scuff marks from a champagne bottle, when he lost his footing and went over the edge.

As many as a hundred tourists witnessed the horrible event, with police quick to block off the Orchid Avenue area.

A report is now being prepared for the coroner.

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What does “scuff marks from a champagne bottle” mean?

I think he was trying to clean scuff marks of the balcony ceiling caused thru popping the champagne cork.

Really sad and tragic. I think “scuff marks” means he was trying to take off marks from the balcony ceiling made by a champagne cork.

Just imagine knowing your life is about to end in the next few seconds….that poor poor man.

Practically, how can we assist the family? Is there a gofund me page set up yet? GC Bulletin states family is appealing to send body home to India, but nothing is mentioned about how we as a community can help.

I’d be interested in helping too.

gofundme with remembering-arnavthe-inspirer