Tower of Power

THINGS a bit tough at the moment?

Never mind, the good news is Campbell Newman’s $653 million Tower of Power in Brisbane is coming along very nicely indeed.



Also known as 1 William Street, Sir Campbell began work on the 43-level riverside office block almost immediately after being elected.

The Sunday morning after the Saturday election actually.

Sir Campbell had moved into Anna Bligh’s old office on the 15th floor of the Executive Building that very day and was appalled at its 1970s décor, faded carpets and uncouth bathrooms.

He immediately began trying to convince journalists the building was a health hazard to all the poor public servants who worked there – you know, the ones he was about to sack.

The first sod on the new Tower of Power was turned less than a year later.

Have you ever heard of a massive development like that being planned, designed, approved and construction started in under 12 months?

Yes, the old building was pretty dated – because Labor was too frightened to buy a new toilet brush lest it ended up in an LNP Opposition media release about the government’s outrageous expenditure.

Well played, LNP! Well played.

The developer will get a 99-year lease and then lease back office space to the government, which will claim the top floors, and the private sector.

But wouldn’t it make more sense to lease the private sector the expensive top floors the Premier has set aside for himself?

Last week in Parliament Deputy Premier Jeff ‘If we build it I’m having the 42nd floor’ Seeney talked up the only major project the Newman Government can so far claim.

“What is happening at 1 William Street is symbolic of what is happening right across Queensland, including regional Queensland, as we start to get Queensland back on track after nearly two decades of Labor inertia,” Mr Seeney fudged.

Actually, under Labor governments, the Gold Coast got: the convention centre, the Tugun bypass, the Gold Coast University Hospital, the Robina Hospital, the light rail project, Metricon Stadium, Robina Stadium,  the Tugun desalination plant (yes, yes, I know)  and a rail line from Brisbane to Varsity Lakes.

Oh and the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

So we’ll be wanting something pretty great before the next election.



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