Trade Minister sent on overseas mission to secure more vaccines

Australia’s Trade Minister will embark on an international trip in an effort to secure a greater supply of vaccines.

Dan Tehan is hoping to further discussions with Britain and the European Union, and meet with counterparts in Germany, France and Brussels.

It comes as Australia’s vaccine rollout remains in limbo, over recent advice against the AstraZeneca vaccine, and a delay in the arrival of more Pfizer vaccines.


Recently, a woman in her 40s experienced blood clots over in Western Australia, as a result of the AstraZeneca dose.

She’s become the second Australian case, but officials will continue with the rollout of the vaccine in those over 50.

The TGA insists that two cases out of more than 700,000 doses administered in Australia show that the risk of blood clots is extremely rare.

The woman is reportedly in a stable condition in hospital.

Meantime, the Prime Minister is now increasing the amount of National Cabinet meetings held each month, to try and work with state and territory leaders to get the vaccine rollout back on track.

While Trade Minister Dan Tehan will be sent overseas to try and secure deals that are in Australia’s national interest.

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Easy pick up the phone PM and call USA president to give 50 million doses of vaccine that is now apparently in oversupply from end of May.