TRADIE RICH LIST: The best paid tradies in Australia have been revealed!

Have you ever wondered how much money a tradie takes home after a day on the job? Well, wonder no more… The best paid tradies in Australia have been revealed, and it turns out the richest earns almost $100 an hour.

New research released today by find-a-tradie site revealed some surpising results on the hourly rates of tradies across the nation.

According to the research, plumbers in Victoria have cracked (see what we did there!)  it big time and are officially the richest tradies in Australia – earning an average of $91.21 an hour.


The second richest were plumbers in WA on $89.91 an hour, followed closely by electricians in WA earning $89.58 an hour.

The biggest increase in hourly pay went to tilers in Brisbane however, whose rates went up by 65% to $62.18 an hour. suggests it’s due to a large surge in demand for tilers in the city.

Two trades had their pay decreased from 2016, with plumbers in SA down by 2% at $80.90/hour and tilers in SA down a whopping 30% at $37.00/hour.

Tradie Rich List 2017
Industry Location  Hr Rate FY18 Q1 Hr Rate FY17 Q1 Y-o-Y% change
1.      Plumber VIC $91.21 $75.66 21%
2. Plumber WA $89.91 $90.14 <-1%
3. Electrician WA $89.58 $88.59 1%
4. Plumber NSW $85.98 $74.25 16%
5. Plumber QLD $82.64 $79.77 4%
6. Plumber SA $80.90 $82.43 -2%
7. Electrician NSW $79.98 $73.64 9%
8. Electrician SA $79.13 $62.81 26%
9. Builder SA $77.76 $60.50 29%
10. Electrician QLD $75.15 $73.03 3%

Hourly rates are “gross” rates and aside from including the cost of labour, also cover the cost of running the business including insurance, tools, work vehicles, insurance and superannuation.

The prices were derived by comparing a sample of 52,000 quotes submitted during the FY18 Q1 through to data from the year prior.