Tradies raise $20000 for disabled Gold Coast teen

EARLIER this year, we introduced our readers to Nathan Crowell – the disabled teen who warmed the hearts of an entire team of tough tradies at a Gold Coast construction site.

Well, thanks to his ‘workmates’, he’s been given a new set of wheels, had upgrades to his home and is now off to Disneyland.

The Eastview construction team – which is currently building the new Sanbano Coolangatta tower – has helped to raise more than $20,000 for the 18-year-old and his family.


More than 100 on site tradies were involved in the fundraising efforts, along with a number of Coolangatta retailers and locals.

They completed various fundraisers, including one man who cycled from Coolangatta to Kirra in a mankini, raising $2000.

The Eastview team will present the cheque to Nathan, his mother and his carer at the Coolangatta site on Thursday morning.

Nathan suffers from a rare and debilitating disease called Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation Type1A and is confined to a wheelchair.


He was born with only half of the normal amount of Cerebellum – fluid on the back of the neck – which effects most body functions, motor and brain skills, and the ability to talk.

In Nathan’s case, his Cerebellum continues to shrink, which in turn is worsening his condition and consequently trimming his already short life expectancy.

But his friendship with Eastview workers has seen him reach new heights – with tradies taking him up the hoist to view the Sanbano apartments and issuing him with his own ‘work’ uniform.

He first visited the Sanbano worksite in Coolangatta with his carer late last year and, every Thursday since, has returned to the site to help direct the team as an ‘honorary member’ who has truly united the many different groups who have worked on the project.