TRAFFIC ALERT | M1, GC Highway to close as border walls are reinstalled

Motorists are being warned parts of the Pacific Motorway and Gold Coast Highway will be closed for several hours overnight in order to allow police to install more permanent border barriers.

The M1 will be closed at Tugun from 7.00pm on Friday, where all traffic will be diverted onto the Gold Coast Highway.

Chief Superintendant Rhys Wildman said once all infrastructure is in place there, the Gold Coast Highway will then be shut off so that crews can set up concrete barriers there too.


“We expect these delays to occur between 7pm tonight and 5am tomorrow morning,” Chief Supt Wildman said.

“This is the biggest piece of infrastructure and the biggest delays that we will have to put in place.

“But we’re putting them in place in the middle of the night, so hopefully the traffic restrictions and the subsequent delays shouldn’t be too much.”

Police have also revealed that they plan on opening another two border checkpoint locations in the coming days.

At the moment, motorists can only cross the border on the M1, Gold Coast Highway and Griffith Street, as well as Nerang-Murwillumbah Road at Natural Bridge.

Chief Superintendant Wildman said once more resources become available, further locations will be up and running.

“One is Miles Street, so we’re putting some infrastructure in place there to look at attempting to open that in the coming days as another cross-border checkpoint.

“Then we are also looking at providing some emergency service access at Dixon Street, but that is resource dependant”.

Queensland is now closed to all of NSW, with only residents from the border zone allowed into the sunshine state for essential reasons.

Since the border closed to NSW at 1.00am this morning, four vehicles have been turned away after trying to enter the state from a hotspot.