TRAFFIC ALERT | Major delays after M1 smash, Gold Coast

UPDATE @ 5.30PM | A person’s been hospitalised following a nasty crash on the M1 this afternoon.

It happened in the northbound lanes just after the Nerang off ramp around 4.30pm.

It’s understood just one car had crashed, but caused all three lanes of traffic to come to a standstill.


Paramedics arrived at the scene around 4.45pm, where they assessed one person briefly.

They then transported them to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

Queensland Ambulance couldn’t confirm the person’s age and gender.

EARLIER @ 4.30PM | Major delays for M1 motorists this afternoon, after a nasty crash through Gaven blocked off all three lanes.

Emergency services have been called to the northbound lanes after the Nerang off ramp around 4.30pm.

It’s understood two cars may have collided, but it’s forced the motorway to a complete stop.

One motorist sent this photo through from the scene.

PHOTO | Supplied

Not even 20 minutes after the crash, delays had already stretched back past Nerang, with hardly any traffic able to get through.

Queensland Ambulance were on their way to the scene at the time of writing.

Motorists are being warned of lengthy delays this afternoon.

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I am the person who was in the Ford Falcon and hospitalised. I am okay with no injuries whatsoever and was released at around 9pm. Bit shaken up but I’m glad nobody was hurt.

Learn to drive….

I’d like to see you attempt to counter-steer successfully at highway speeds without hurting anybody in the process during 5 pm traffic nonetheless 🙂 Big talk for someone who’d just slam the brakes in panic and cause a major accident. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a motorway speed crash but the only thing you can do while sliding in the wet at that speed especially in such a heavy and long car is steer, accelerate and hope the guard rails slow you down enough.

I don’t care about my car, I didn’t even care about myself at all while I was trying my hardest to miss every car around me and to not flip over the middle rails into oncoming traffic.

Hi Cory,

I was partially involved in the accident you caused yesterday and was behind you on the motorway from when you entered the M1 via the on ramp to the point of your accident. According to my dash cam, not only did you not merge onto the M1 correctly, I also witnessed you fly pass and zig zag through cars who were doing the speed limit, you certainly weren’t driving to the conditions of the road and easily clocking speeds of up to 140kmph.

I am glad to hear you are okay as well as myself a mother of a four year old, the high risk pregnant woman with a toddler in her back seat of her car and the nurse who were all involved in this accident you caused.