Traffic building at border as Qlders rush to return home

Bad news for anyone planning on crossing the border this morning, with long delays already being experienced.

Morning motorists are being warned to allow for extra travel time as thousands of people rush to return home before Queensland’s tough border ban kicks in.

From 1am tomorrow, all of NSW and the ACT will be declared a hotspot, meaning everyone from those areas will be barred from entering the state.


Queenslanders will still be able to return home, but they will be forced into mandatory hotel quarantine at their own expense.

It’s also been revealed that anyone who wants to enter Queensland will actually have to do so via Brisbane Airport, as the hard border lockdown will ban Queensland residents returning from hotspots from entering via our road checkpoints.

Traffic has been building at the M1 checkpoint since 6.00am this morning, with the Gold Coast Highway also heavily congested.


As of 6.30am on Friday, delays of around 2km were being experienced, however it’s expected to get even worse throughout the day, especially during peak times.

From tomorrow, people who live on either side of the border will still be able to cross for work and other essential purposes using a special X-pass for locals which will require photo ID.

However officials are still in the middle of developing the new border pass system, which is expected to be up and running by this afternoon.

Border communities will then be urged to head online and apply for the pass to ensure a smoother transition through the border.