Traffic nightmare in Southport as roads start closing for the Games

IT’S gridlock in parts of Southport today as crews begin closing roads for the Commonwealth Games.

A large section of the Gold Coast Highway, from Stevens Street right up to the Broadwater Parklands, is now closed and will remain off-limits to the public until April 17.

As a result, traffic has been thrown into disarray in the CBD as many drivers are caught off guard and scramble to avoid the closures, despite months of warnings.


Motorists using the Sundale Bridge to get into Southport from Surfers Paradise are experiencing extreme delays as cars are turned off the highway and onto Marine Parade.

As a result, the number of vehicles on High, Queen and Scarborough Streets has more than doubled as drivers try to navigate their way through the jammed suburb.

Locals and visitors also trying to reach the coast via Smith Street are also feeling the pain.

More and more roads across the city will be closed to the general public in the lead up to the opening ceremony on Wednesday.

To avoid getting caught up in the chaos, residents are being urged to leave their cars at home and make the most of public transport for the next two weeks.

To monitor current traffic conditions, click here.

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Who new this was going to happen?

What a joke urging people to use public transport. How am i supposed to leave my car at home to walk at least 45 mins to the nearest tram station for using public transport? Almost forgot that I am not allowed to park my car at that station because I’m not a ticket holder, just have to go to work so i can contribute to tax money that would soon be wasted in some art work sourced from overseas. No thanks, I’ll stick to my car!