Tram and car collide in Southport

UPDATE: A WHITE jeep has collided with a G:Link tram during a test run in Southport, the second crash in less than 4 weeks. (PICTURES: Jaydan Duck)

Initial information indicates the driver of the Jeep was either performing an illegal u-turn on Queen Street or was pulling out of Mick Veivers Way when she collided with the front tram carriage, otherwise known as ‘The G’, shortly after 3pm on Tuesday.


The driver of the Jeep was reportedly performing an illegal u-turn at the time of the accident. PICTURE: Jaydan Duck


The impact caused damage to the vehicles driver’s side door and front panel. One of the front windows of the tram was also shattered with glass littering the roadway.

Three ambulances, two police vehicles, a fire truck and several tow trucks responded.

Police investigate tram crash

The impact of the accident has shattered one of the G:Link’s window’s, with glass littering the roadway. PICTURE: Jaydan Duck

A 21-year-old woman, believed to be the driver of the jeep, was treated at the scene for minor injuries and shock.

The accident resulted in delays both west and eastbound on Queen Street with motorists advised to avoid the area or take an alternate route. The scene has since been cleared.


The scene of the tram v car collision on Queen Street in Southport. PICTURE: Jaydan Duck