Transplant patients to benefit from new SLDO grant

Gold Coast-based charity Save Lives Donate Organs (SLDO) will provide a financial lifeline for patients who require a transplant through a new funding scheme – SLDO Assist.

The charity is aiming to work alongside Gold Coast and Brisbane hospitals to identify eligible patients for its new SLDO Assist grant, which aims to alleviate financial distress for patients awaiting a transplant or being treated for a disease which will require a transplant.

SLDO Founder Brett Bullock said while education and awareness about organ donation was critical, providing direct support to patients was the next step in SLDO’s mission.


“To date we have educated over 2,000 local high school students about how they can jump online and register as an organ donor. Many people aren’t aware that you now need to actively register as a donor, but most are happy to take that step once they understand how they can potentially change or save multiple lives,” he said.

“While we need to keep increasing registrations, we also need to support patients who are on the waitlist, and one of the ways to do that is to provide a grant to help with the cost of care and day to day living.”

Mayor Tom Tate with SLDO founder Brett Bullock. PHOTO: Supplied by SLDO

Mayor Tom Tate with SLDO founder Brett Bullock. PHOTO: Supplied by SLDO

Bullock founded SLDO in 2013 after suffering chronic renal failure in his early 20’s and undergoing a kidney transplant. “Having been through the organ transplant process myself I know how quickly the bills can add up and it’s important that financial stress doesn’t take a toll on the physical or emotional wellbeing of a patient who is already vulnerable,” he said.

“SLDO Assist grants will be issued and assessed on a case by case basis, but the minimum grant is expected to be $1,000. At this stage funds are limited so we hope to issue at least one SLDO Assist grant per quarter, however with community support we would love to increase this number and the sum of each grant year on year.”

The new grant was announced at an event held over the weekend which was attended by Mayor Tom Tate and 100 guests.

For more information, to donate or to register as a donor, please visit