Trash of the Titans

AS I turned off Hutchinson Street and drove through the freshly-painted white gates, it was like I had been transported into that magical Simpsons episode.

You remember the one where Homer runs for and wins the prestigious title of Sanitation Commissioner, briefly transforming the town’s horrible garbage disposal service to the tune of Candy Man?

Well, this was kind of like that, only I had Ian Moss playing in the Ute and I was in Reedy Creek, not Springfield.


You see for many southern Gold Coasters, the closing of the Tugun Tip had terribly inconvenient consequences.

For anyone south of Palm Beach the tip at Tugun behind the airport was just so close, so easy to access. It was ‘our tip’.

And then it closed.

It was a most bitter pill to swallow having to trek either north to Tallai or west along Currumbin Creek Road.

For at least one such resident (me) that bitterness has been washed most thoroughly away by the cleanliness, the order and the general all-round awesomeness that is the new Reedy Creek Waste and Recycling Centre.

I didn’t know it was there.

I just didn’t know!!!!

It is amazing.

My first stop was at an undercover bay that looked more like a spotless fast food drive through than a rubbish dumb.

“Any metal sir?” asked a very friendly young man.

“You need to get rid of metals here mate, then travel up and around to your left and they will show you where the rest goes.”

Dreamworld eat your heart out. I was on a Rubbish Ride that no stupidly small overhead safety bar could deny me!

As I jumped on top of the tray and began hurling items into the amazingly clean metal container below, I looked around again to make sure I wasn’t in Springfield.

Since when are rubbish tips clean? When are the staff friendly and/or helpful?

The complimentary shovel and broom next to each bay just topped it all off.

So for all you southern Gold Coasters whose backyards have gone from Jurassic Park 1 to Jurassic Park 2 in the last few months, fear not.

Reedy Creek Tip is not a myth! I have seen it!!

Now I bet you thought this would be a scathing article about how embarrassingly rubbish the Titans were against Penrith on Saturday….

I decided to take the high road and not sink the boot into the beleaguered Titans – they have had a rough trot lately.

Besides, I go to the tip on Saturday’s now instead of watching footy… I still see rubbish but I don’t get my heart ripped out!!

Good start Neil Henry!

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