Travel back on the cards as QLD outlines easing of restrictions

Travel restrictions in Queensland will be eased in time for the June school break, allowing families to take drive holidays in their regions.

But it could still be another two months before we see the Queensland border reopened.

It comes as the State Government unveils a detailed timetable for the easing of COVID-19 restrictions following a meeting of National Cabinet.


Stage one of Queensland’s plan will be implemented on May 15, allowing recreational travel up to 150kms.

Hiking and other recreational activities in national and state parks will also be allowed from then.

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Stage two will follow on June 12, two weeks before the end of term two, which will allow travel up to 250kms and a reopening of tourism accommodation across the State, including camping grounds and caravan parks.

Outdoor amusement parks, tourism experiences, zoos and arcades will also be able to reopen during stage two, but only with a maximum of 20 people at a time.

That will increase to 100 people during Stage three, which is set down for July 10.

“Having spoken to the tourism sector, we want to get some tourism going in time for the school holidays, I think this is really important  and you’ll be able to travel in your region up to 250kms to go to local destinations for a drive holiday,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Friday.

Unlimited travel around the State and interstate travel won’t happen until the final stage, but the Premier is warning that will depend on the coronavirus curve remaining flat both here and in other states.

“In July we are absolutely hoping, fingers crossed, if our numbers remain low, and everything is going well, we will be able to open up travel for right across Queensland and I know that means a lot to people, I know people are missing seeing their family and friends from other regions across Queensland.”

The plans, including the border closures will be reviewed at the end of each month, but it appears unlikely they won’t be reopened until July.

“If the rates of transmission track lower in New South Wales and Victoria, we will look at enabling interstate travelling but a proviso is based on health advice and I will not put Queenslanders or Queensland families at risk and, if there is a risk, the border will remain closed,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“It’s going to depend on the level of community transmission that is happening in every state. For example, if there is large amounts of community transmission happening in Sydney, it would be irresponsible of us to have plane loads of tourists coming from Sydney, from a recognised hot spot, coming to the Gold Coast or Cairns.”

International travel is also unlikely to happen before the end of the year but we could be allowed to travel to New Zealand and some Pacific Islands.

National Cabinet will consider cross-Tasman travel during stage three of the recovery in July.

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How would an amus****t park work with only 20 people allowed at a time?

Lol you blur out sea-men in the other word for theme park!

What about opening up to states doing well or better than QLD, like SA NT. You cant seriously keep families, partners, children separated like this. If you leave it til July that’s 4+ mths, loved ones living in other states have been denied access. I know my mental health is deteriorating because I can’t get to my family, my partner in NQ. We are more than equipped as a country to deal with outbreaks quickly now. The government has said so. But what’s the point in having a government say this is the road out, if the states and territories can decide what and when they will do. If Scomo wants us opened up fully BY July, the states should adhere to that, not decide oh we’ll just wait another couple of months after that. I work border control here in SA and I’ve had enough. I just want to see my family in NQ. I’m not a risk, am covid free, have had the flu shot, and downloaded the app. Yet I don’t fulfil any criteria to travel to Queensland. The only time I will is when one of my family die. That’s what scares me the most. For families sake, open the borders

Why not stage 3 QLD’rs be able to travel anywhere in QLD by air or car

Why can’t queenslanders travel within their state in Stage 2 and well before the borders for interstate visitors open particularly Victoria and NSW.

Also how is it feasible for 10 people to attend a restaurant or club. Obviously whoever makes these rules have never run a small business.

Menu would have to be Vegemite sandwiches or bust

The whole State of QLD should be opened in June, if you live in NQ 250km doesn’t even get you to the next major town, open the whole State so we can go somewhere and give the tourism money to QUEENSLANDERS. This should be done before thinking about opening the boarders up.

I go to tomahawk creek south of clermont from mackay every year for winter. You cant get anymore isolated out there. But 250 km max is a joke, most towns are at least 300km apart. People are starting to suffer mentally, being denied a camping trip.