TRAVEL INSIDER: 7 things you need to know about Wuhan

PHOTO: Gold Coast Airport

PHOTO: Gold Coast Airport

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Always wanted to visit China? Well it’s now easier than ever, with Jetstar flying direct to Wuhan from Gold Coast Airport.


The inaugural flight touched at Gold Coast Airport on Wednesday morning, and moving forth Jetstar will offer a direct Gold Coast – Wuhan service twice a week.

Never heard of Wuhan before? Here are seven things you need to know about this fabulous Chinese destination:

1. Wuhan is the capital of China’s Hubei Province and is actually three cities rolled into one. The three Wuhan towns are called Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, and are divided by the Yangtze and Hanjing Rivers.

2. The most famous attractions and ones definitely worth visiting if you pop over to Wuhan are the Yellow Crane Tower, Guiyuan Temple, East Lake and the Provincial Museum. Taking a cruise on the Yangtze River is also a good option.

Yangtze River in Hubei Provence, China. PHOTO: Gold Coast Airport

Yangtze River, Wuhan, China. PHOTO: Gold Coast Airport

3. China is famous for its cherry blossoms, and there are some spectacular ones to be seen on the Wuhan University campus if you are there in March or April.

4. Wuhan experiences some extreme weather, with summer very hot and winters freezing and wet. So the best time to visit the city is during spring or autumn.

Shennongjia Mountains in Hubei Provence, China. PHOTO: Gold Coast Airport

Shennongjia Mountains in Hubei Provence, China. PHOTO: Gold Coast Airport

5. Local delicacies worth trying include re gan mian (noodles with a peanutty sauce) and suan la mian (hot and sour noodles). Wuhan’s fresh water fish dishes are also very highly recommended.

6. Shopaholics will be spoiled with choice in Wuhan, with the cultural streets the best place to head to find more traditional Chinese items. Han Zheng Street, Hanjiang Walking Street, Cultural Street in Xianggang Lu are a few of the favourite shopping hotspots for both tourists and locals.

7. Wuhan is known for having some of the most unique bars in China, so if you love enjoying a drink at the end of the day, you will be spoiled for choice. The streets in Wuhan also come alive around nine in the evening , with Ji Qing Jie street a locals favourite.

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