Treasurer launches fresh attack on Qld Premier over border closures

The Federal Treasurer has again lashed out at the Queensland Premier, over issues around the border closures.

Josh Frydenberg has called for a ‘please explain’ after hundreds of AFL officials and their families were allowed into the state earlier this week.

It comes after a number of reports of people in northern New South Wales missing out on vital treatments and appointments due to the closures in place.


The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk this week confirmed that the current border closures, which keep out New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria from the Sunshine State, will stay in place for at least the month of September.

That same day, hundreds of AFL officials and their families from Melbourne flew into the state ahead of the end of the AFL season, which is largely being played in Queensland.

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Josh Frydenberg told The Today Show that it’s a massive contradiction by the Queensland Premier, and she needs to explain herself.

“It’s just not on that a young woman can lose an unborn child because of confusion at the borders. 

“It is just not on, as we have heard overnight, that a grandmother of seven who is recovering from brain surgery is unable to quarantine and isolate in her Queensland home but is forced to do so in a hotel, and at the same time footy officials can go down to their hotel bar as they so-called quarantine in Queensland.

“It seems double standards on our borders,” the Treasurer said.