Treasurer moves to abolish Tampon Tax ‘anomaly’

A win for people power is in the pipeline, with the Federal Government vowing to push to have the GST removed from female sanitary items, including pads and tampons.

Treasurer Scott Morrison has admitted the items should not be categorised as a ‘luxury’, but rather a neccessity, labelling the current situation a ‘tax anomaly’.

Mr Morrison will meet with this state and territory counterparts to have the items moved to the essential health category, which is exempt from the GST.


“This is just a practical issue that needs to be resolved,” the Treasurer wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

“There’s no great gender conspiracy here or any of that nonsense. It’s just a tax anomaly that we have already tried to fix once, and will now give it another try.”

Former Treasurer Joe Hockey attempted to bring about the change three years ago, to no success.

“The law requires that there is a unanimous agreement from all states and territories to changes to the base or rate of GST,” Mr Morrison explains.

“In June I wrote to all the Treasurers again and said I would put this back on the agenda to seek their agreement. This meeting will be held in September or at the latest in October. I hope they agree.

“If there is unanimous agreement, the Government will act to remove GST on sanitary products.”

Lobby groups have for years tried to get the Government to act, highlight the unfairness in the fact so-called ‘male’ items like condoms and lubricants are exempt from GST.

“There are of course much bigger issues we are dealing with at the moment – the drought, electricity prices, jobs and getting the Budget back in surplus – just to name a few. But that doesn’t mean we can’t deal with this as well. It shouldn’t be a big deal.

“I hope common sense prevails. Let’s see how we go this time.”