Treat Your Body With Healthy, Delicious Food

If there’s one thing we are all learning in 2020 more than ever before, it’s the importance of taking care of ourselves. From staying home and wearing masks when necessary; through to exercise and eating well – many of us are taking more notice of what we do every day, in order to feel better and lead more positive lives, even as we face ongoing restrictions.

Monitoring our food is one of the easiest ways we can take care of your health, but it’s not easy. And in fact, there are so many foods today that are actually doing more harm than good. Additives might taste great, but they’re not good for us and they have been linked to a range of health issues, from digestive disorders, respiratory problems and even allergies.

Gold Coast residents are often looking for simple solutions for healthy eating, and the GoodnessMe Box is a popular choice for promoting food that is not only delicious, it’s also additive-free. It’s a fun way to try new foods, with a subscription service that brings you a delicious box of goodies regularly – many of which are only new to the marketplace.

You can try new health food products monthly with the Health Box, which includes up to 10 delicious treats. They’re also 100% natural, GMO-free and there are no preservatives in any of the items you receive. In fact, GoodnessMe has a team of health practitioners who ensure these products are good for your health. The products in these packs are sweet and savoury, with veggie chips and raw cacao chocolate, ready-made meals such as soup and porridge, and a range of ingredients to help you create your own delicious meals, including flours, oils and plant milks. Every month you receive something different, and you can even opt for a box that is suited for specific dietary requirements, including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.

Fussy kids have never been easier to please either! The Kids Box is for kids aged between 5 and 10 years, and is delivered every month, filled with tasty snacks to try. Taking care of your health isn’t just about the inside either and the Beauty Box is designed to help you stay natural on the outside too. It contains 10 all-natural, chemical-free beauty and lifestyle products to help keep your skin, hair and body flawless.

The GoodnessMe team of health practitioners take great care to choose the right products for every box, ensuring there are no GMO ingredients, no MSG or HCFS, no synthetic trans fats or preservatives, and no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

Everything is 100% natural, just like you!

Founder, Peta Shulman, embarked on the GoodnessMe journey after struggling to find products suitable for her own health. Living with autoimmune disease, she wanted to take control and enjoy nourishing, natural foods. The items were few and far between, and often hard to find, so she came up with the idea to share her discoveries with Australians – and GoodnessMe was created.

The journey has led her to not only feel amazing herself, but to bring a healthy mind, body and lifestyle to thousands of homes.

By turning her dream to get people excited about changing their health for the better into reality, Peta and her team provide delicious flavours, quality beauty and lifestyle products you’ll love.