Trick-art gallery to open at Robina Town Centre

It’s a phenomenon that has captured the imaginations of art buffs, ‘grammers, and selfie kings and queens alike in Melbourne, and soon Gold Coasters will be able to experience the hype for themselves when “trick-art gallery” ArtVo Illusions opens its doors at Robina Town Centre in the coming months.

The immersive 1481m2 art gallery will encourage customers of all ages to ‘be the art’ as they interact with a kaleidoscope of optical illusions that extend from the ceiling to the floor.

More than 15 artists are busily working behind the scenes to bring the vibrant visual playground to life, which – upon completion – will feature over 80 artworks across eight themed zones to immerse and engage with.


And while the artwork concepts and themes are still tightly under wraps until the big reveal, locals can expect to be wonderstruck by the clever artistry and incredible craftsmanship that goes into creating each body of work, not to mention the hundreds of litres of paint.

Upon entering the space, visitors can self-guide their own gallery adventure and explore each immersive art-piece and zone at leisure, stopping to put themselves in the picture (literally!) along the way in various scenes, locations and famous paintings.

ArtVo Illusions

PHOTO: Supplied by Robina Town Centre

By creating optical illusions through colour, shape and pattern, the installations remarkably trick the eye, which can be captured through photography. So unlike many other museums where photography is a prohibited, iPhones and cameras are absolutely essential!

ArtVo Illusions

PHOTO: Supplied by Robina Town Centre

ArtVo Illusions will be located near The Kitchens at Robina Town Centre and is set to open in the coming months.

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