Tropical cyclone bears down on Queensland coastline

A tropical cyclone is headed straight for Far North Queensland’s coastline, with the Bureau predicting the system to make landfall later today.

Residents between Lucinda and Ayr in Far North Queensland are being warned to start making preparations, with Cyclone Kimi heading directly towards that area.

Cyclone Kimi is currently classified as category 1, with winds near the centre reaching around 85 kilometres an hour and gusts getting up to 120 kilometres an hour.


As of 4.00am, it was estimated to be around 110 kilometres northeast of Cairns, and 330 north of Townsville, travelling at around 7 kilometres an hour.


The Bureau is predicting the system to cross the coastline either later today or early tomorrow at this stage.

Those living between Port Douglas and Lucinda are being advised to immediately commence or continue preparations, especially securing boats and property.

While those between Lucinda and Ayr, including Townsville, should consider what action they will need to take if the cyclone threat increases.

Coast line residents are also being warned of abnormally high tides as the cyclone approaches.

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