Truck carrying tonnes of VB crashes, spilling the lot

Beer drinkers around the country – avert your eyes. There’s been a nasty case of accidental mass beer-icide this morning, and we’re not okay.

A truck carrying a healthy amount of the good stuff (VB beer, duh) has had a tragic accident on a highway in New South Wales in the early AM.

While the highway had to be partially shut down, and probably a bunch of motorists were seriously inconvenienced by this instance… Just think, of the beer.


The liquid gold that will never touch our lips, bubble down our throats and no doubt poison our insides in the long run…

Emergency services were called to the scene around 6.00am, but it was too late to save them. (The beers, that is – the driver was fine).

Now begins the mass-cleanup, the sorrow and the overwhelming guilt of losing so many of our national treasures to such an unworthy end.

What should have been splashed around the pub in bouts of frivolity and intoxication, is now strewn across the Pacific Motorway with our tears and perhaps saliva (for those trying to ‘help’ with the clean up…)

We should have been better VB, you didn’t deserve us.

We don’t deserve you.

I’d like to suggest a beer-free drinking day in memory of the valued lives lost today, but that would be completely un-Australian.