Truck driver charged after deliberately drenching cyclists in Sydney

A truck driver has been charged after video footage of him deliberately menacing cyclists on Sydney’s M5 Motorway was reported to police.

Footage of the incident, which showed the man driving his prime mover through a puddle of water on the motorway next to a group of cyclists, splashing them in the process, was uploaded to Facebook earlier this month.

In the clip, the truckie can be heard saying: “So, we hate pushbikes. We’re not allowed to run them over. But hey, we can f*** with them. Let’s have a crack at it,” before he speeds up to saturate the riders.


“Aw yeah, nothing better than saturating a pushbike rider. My day is complete,” he says.

One of the cyclists later saw the footage on social media and reported it to police.

Following investigations, officers yesterday issued the truck driver with a court attendance notice for using a mobile phone when not permitted and drive motor vehicle menaces another with intent.

He is due to appear in Waverley Local Court on Wednesday 21 September.