Trump says “talking is not the answer” to deal with the threat of North Korea

US President Donald Trump has tweeted “talking is not the answer” to deal with North Korea, just a day after Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile over Japan.

The UN scheduled a rapid meeting after the missile was shot, condemning the rouge nation and planning stronger economic sanctions.

President Trump wrote the US had been dealing with North Korea for the last 25 years by paying them “extortion money”, and talking was not the best way to deal with the regime.


However, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said America is still open to negotiations, and when asked by reporters if diplomatic solutions are out of the question, he replied “no”.

Tensions between North Korea and the US seemed to settle in the lead up to the latest missile launch.

Kim Jong Un’s decision to launch yet another missile has been seen by military experts as a move to consolidate his power.

Nuclear strategy expert Vipin Narang told Newscorp shooting a missile over Japan was a “nakedly provocative” act, but it is merely the latest in a long line of military moves designed to consolidate Kim Jong-un’s power.