TSS student hackers to battle for Australia

Six students from The Southport School (TSS) on the Gold Coast are battling for the chance to represent Australia in the US-based CyberPatriots Competition.

The competition is run by the United States Airforce Association and sponsored by tech giants such as Cisco, Facebook, and AT&T. Each six-hour round of the competition involves finding and fixing as many cybersecurity vulnerabilities as possible on a virtual computer.

The aim of the CyberPatriots competition is to encourage students into science-, technology-, engineering- or mathematics-based careers in cybersecurity – to combat Cyber Crime, which costs 600 billion dollars internationally each year.


Out of around 4,400 teams across the world – including students from American military schools with more experience – the TSS students are already ranked in the top 100, but they will need to rank in the top 12 in the United States to compete in the nationals.

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