TSS teachers accused of ‘unacceptable’ trousers incident will not return to school

It’s been confirmed that two teachers from elite private boys school TSS will not be returning after allegedly asking a number of students to remove their paints during a team building exercise.

The pair were stood down last month following the controversial incident, which occurred during a planned ‘blackout challenge’ on a field excursion in October.

It’s understood the activity required a group of Year 9 students to remove a shoe or item of clothing and throw it into a blacked-out room.


They then had to work as a team to find the piece of clothing while being supervised by a teacher wearing night-vision goggles.

However, the school said that during the activity, one of the teachers allegedly asked the students to remove their trousers.

“This changed activity was not authorised and, understandably, several boys objected to removing their trousers and doing the activity in their underpants,” the school’s headmaster Greg Wain said in a statement.

“Changing the activity and asking the boys to participate in their underpants was completely unacceptable.”

“They should not have been placed in that situation,” he said.

“The boys were well within their rights to object.”

The school said in a statement on Thursday that the two teachers at the centre of the scandal would not be returning.

According to the ABC, one teacher resigned, while the other teacher’s contract was not renewed.

It comes following the conclusion of an external investigation into the incident by a major legal firm.

“They found that there were no grounds for reporting the incident to police,” the school said.

“However the investigation did find that the teachers had breached the school’s expectations with respect to conduct.

“At TSS we aim to create an environment where our students are supported to ask questions and speak up if they have concerns, and I commend these students for doing so.”