Turkey agrees to ceasefire arrangement in northern Syria

Fighting in northern Syria will stop for at least five days, under a cease fire deal reached with Turkey.

US Vice President Mike Pence made the announcement a short time ago, with the US to now facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish troops near the Turkish border.

It’s understood once that is complete, Turkey will agree to a permanent ceasefire.


The deal was reached after the US imposed sanctions an increased tariffs on Turkish steel imports just three days ago.

US President Donald Trump tweeted his congratulations to everyone for coming to an agreement, calling it a ‘great day for civilisation’.

“I am proud of the United States for sticking by me in following a necessary, but somewhat unconventional, path. People have been trying to make this “Deal” for many years. Millions of lives will be saved,” his post reads.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan replied saying that ‘many more lives will be saved when we defeat terrorism, which is humanity’s arch enemy’, in a reply tweet.

It’s understood that Turkey is now set to gain exactly what they were after by launching an offensive.

Once Kurdish troops have withdrawn from the area, Turkish forces will essentially control a strip of Syria more than 30 kilometres deep.