Turkey launches land offensive after US troops pulled out of Syria

A new war is breaking out in the middle east, just days after US President Donald Trump to remove US troops from Syria plays out.

In what’s being criticised the potentially the biggest mistake of his presidency, Donald Trump, withdrew troops from north-eastern Syria a few days ago.

In the days since, Turkey has threatened an invasion, which has now started unfolding overnight.


President Erdogan announced the invasion on his Twitter page, with air strikes forcing thousands of civilians to flee their homes.

This morning, a land offensive is now also underway, with soldiers marching in.

There are reports as many as seven civilians have been killed.

US President Donald Trump says despite having no one on the ground in the area, he stands by his decision to remove American troops.

“We have no soldiers in the area, we’ve been talking to Turkey for three years, they’ve been wanting to do this for many years.

“They’ve been fighting each other for centuries, they’ve been fighting each other for hundreds of years this has been going on.

“We were put into this battle – interjected. It was supposed to be a 30 day period and we’ve been there for many many years.

“Speaking to both sides, we’ve told President Erdogan how we feel, but we’re speaking to both sides and we’re seeing what can be made out of a situation.

“But we have no soldiers in the area, you know, we’re getting out of the endless wars. We have to do it.

“Eventually someone was going to have to make the decision, and frankly we’re getting a lot of praise for that decision.

“People are saying ‘can we sometime bring our people back home’.

“We’re really serving and we were serving as a police force.

“We had defeated ISIS, we had defeated the caliphate 100 percent,” he told reporters.