Turning back the clocks

CAN we please have a republic now?

If any good is to come out of Sir Tony Abbott’s shock announcement about the return of knights and dames it is the resurrection of the republic debate.

Now dubbed (by me) Sir Mockedalot, Abbott isn’t satisfied with turning back the boats, he also wants to turn back the clocks.


It has brought down a whole world of ridicule upon his reverently bowed head.

I don’t understand why some Australians are so against their country becoming a truly independent, progressive, modern nation.

What is wrong with having a head of state who is actually a citizen who barracks for us in the Ashes?

Staying attached to an archaic monarchy which is now nothing more than a London theme park attraction makes absolutely no sense.

It’s like being a 50-year-old virgin still living with your parents.

It’s time to grow up, move out and leap forward!

Instead, we are regressing, becoming more and more tied to a nation that belittles us and a royal family that ignores us 98 per cent of the time.

Until they feel like a free, taxpayer-funded trip to the colonies, that is.

I’d rather eat my own vomit than bow and scrape to someone just because they had a lucky trip down the birth canal.

Is our proud claim of being an egalitarian society nothing more than a myth?

I remember the excitement during the campaign for the republic referendum in 1999.

I still have my yellow ‘YES’ badge.

The momentum for a republic was building and it just seemed like such an amazing turning point in our history.

Then the politicians got involved, successfully muddying the waters about the proposed model so many people for a republic voted against it because they didn’t like the way the president would be appointed.

Not surprisingly, Queensland had the biggest vote against a republic.

We also don’t have daylight saving.

One popular argument for staying a constitutional monarchy is ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

Luckily car manufacturers, builders, computer technicians, the agricultural industry, fashion designers etc, etc, etc don’t think that way  – or we would still be living in mud huts, driving horse and buggies and sending messages by smoke.



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