Turns out 1 in 3 Aussies prefer pets over family and ya not wrong!

In some news that’s probably not so surprising, new research has found that one in three Australians actually love their fur-babies more than their own human family members.

The research was commissioned by ING and also uncovered the adorable revelation that a third of people consider their pet their child.

Interestingly, one in four pet owners also admitted that they would end a relationship if a partner didn’t like their pet.


While 40% of those surveyed said they spend more money on their pets than themselves and admit they’ve spent more on their pet’s birthday than for a family member or friend’s special day.

“It’s clear from the research that our furry friends help us with our overall wellbeing and happiness, encouraging us to feel less stressed with life and helping us to focus on the things that matter most,” Dina Kotsopoulos, Head of Wealth at ING said.

The research also revealed that dogs and cats have become such an integral part of Aussie life that owners are, on average, investing more than a full working day (9.6 hours) each week caring and up keeping their fur babies with grooming, shopping, feeding, exercising and entertaining.

“It’s not surprising that so many Aussies are prioritising their pets above everything else and dedicating a full working day each week to look after them,” Kotsopoulos said.

In some very wholesome news, over a third of those surveyed said their mental health has improved since owning a pet, while over half confirmed their pets have had a calming effect on them.

What did we do to deserve these beautiful balls of fluff?!