Tweed-Byron police shut down 1000+ house party

Police over the border have been called to number mass gatherings over the past week, prompting a new reminder to party-goers.

Officers attended one house party in Byron Bay with over 200 people in attendance.

While another in Wilsons Creek was found to have over 1000 people in attendance.


Both parties were immediately shut down, with attendees told to go home. It’s unclear if any fines were issued.

In New South Wales, current restrictions mean that home gatherings are still limited to 20 people.

Officers from the Tweed-Byron Police District are also urging the community to report any house parties to their local police at the time.

Over the past week Police in the Tweed Byron District have responded to numerous calls to large house parties in recent…

Posted by Tweed-Byron Police District on Sunday, 5 July 2020

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Good. Fine them all.

I would recommend a blast with a cattle prod for everyone as they left the venues.

How big does your house need to be to have a “house party” with 1000 people ??!!