Tweed Council to remove beachside memorials at Fingal

The Tweed Shire Council is urging anyone who has put up a memorial for a loved one at Fingal Head to take it down.

The Council adopted a policy in November last year to remove memorials in public parks and natural areas.

They announced in their latest Tweed Link newsletter that they will soon begin to take down “unapproved” plaques and other memorial items.


It’s understood Council will first contact the families who own the plaques before they’re removed.

“Council will remove existing, unapproved memorials at Fingal Head in September,” they said.

“If people who have installed memorials in public areas wish to remove them prior to Council doing so, they should arrange this over the next month.”

Any memorials that are removed will be held at Council for “a period of time” so that loved ones can collect them.

Memorial benches will instead be placed in the area, with inscriptions to remember those who have died.

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Right. This is WRONG.
So while innumerable roadside ‘memorial’s remain in place in Tweed Council and State roads in the Shire, many of whom are not or were not locals/rate payers can erect, maintain and add to motor vehicle crash sites in the knowledge they will be unaffected by this heartless decision. FAIR GO Tweed Council !! You cant play God with peoples emotions. You cant run a race without rules. You are becoimg a machine, devoid of sympathy empathy and soul.
WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE when there is so much unattended GRAFFITI in the whole Shire/Area that you find time and energy to tear the hearts out of affected families on what is SUCH an important matter. Remember, its not the newcomers who made this district, its the ones who came before but who in time are leaving a legacy for everyone else.