Tweed Councillor calling for commissioner to deal with bubble trouble

A Tweed Councillor has called for Queensland to appoint a border commissioner, to calm concern and confusion for those in the new ‘border bubble’.

Under the Queensland government’s new restrictions, residents within the Tweed and the Gold Coast have formed a new bubble zone, which will allow those residents to cross the border for work, school or any reason.

However, if you live in the border and you cross it regularly, you’re then not allowed to travel beyond the bubble in either direction.


The new rules, which came into place over the weekend, have caused confusion for Tweed residents in particular, with local councillors flooded with complaints.

Councillor James Owen says he’s been overwhelmed with questions about exemptions, inclusions and exclusions, as well as concerns over community sports commitments and work and school.

He’s now calling for Queensland to appoint it’s own Cross Border Commissioner, like NSW, to deal with the issues.

“Strong advocacy, active representation, and effective communication is more crucial than ever for border communities, such as ours in the Tweed Shire,” Councillor Owen said.

“There has never been a greater need for effective and productive collaboration between Queensland and New South Wales over border issues since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the appointment of a Queensland Cross Border Commissioner to work with the new New South Wales Cross Border Commissioner will assist this,” he said.

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Patmysak and her health BFF just say a few words and then leave that mess with her lackeys to make sense of and implement with no real thought of how it will actually work.
Been like that since rona started, border residents have just had escalating levels of stupidity to deal with.

Maybe appoint a commissioner to lobby the NSW government to provide the better services these border residents are seeking, instead of blaming the QLD government for restrictions.
Last time i checked NSW had Schools, doctors, hospitals and even coffee shops.

if you live at banora far south can you go.can you go brunswick

You can go to Pottsville if you are wanting to go further south be prepared to stay out of QLD for 14 days as your x pass will be revoked if you have one, Brunswick is out of the travel bubble

I don’t see why Qld need to spend money for a commissioner to deal with NSW problems. I live close to & work 1 block from border & plenty of NSW workmates complain about all sorts of things all of the time about differences between the two sides. Now they cry about restrictions & my response has never changed ‘why would you live so close to Qld & not live here’. It’s really a NSW problem, let NSW deal with it or move north to avoid it.

What an arrogant comment. Both QLD and Tweed Shire people work in either State. Your feelings would be different if you were living in NSW and having to deal with what your coworkers are dealing with. I’m sure you’d be complaining if you were in the same situation. It’s your state that’s creating the BS. QLD properties and rentals are over priced and not everyone enjoys the Gold Coast life style as you obviously do. Good for you. Work is work. Life is home & family why should people move because of the border issues. No one predicted this nor is it forever. Be more considerate of others. This is the problem with the world today, too many people only think of themselves.

Corry! It’s the same lifestyle you just pay more for it. I know I’m from NSW

Why isn’t 2490 Tumbulgum part of the bubble why has this not been addressed!???