Tweed desperate for answers as Qld border reopening looms

With just weeks left until Queensland reopens its border, the Tweed community is begging for answers on how the new rules will work for them.

By December 17, fully vaccinated people will be able to cross into the Sunshine State, provided they can provide proof of their vaccination.

They also need to have tested negative for coronavirus within 72 hours prior to crossing the border.


This rule poses a massive problem for members of the Tweed community, who have to cross the border every day for work or school in Queensland.

The Queensland state government has said they will look at the matter more closely, with hopes that a travel bubble might be reinstated for those border straddling communities.

However, with the border reopening set to happen within the next two weeks, a local Tweed Councillor says the community wants answers now.

“The best Christmas present that the Tweed Shire community could possibly receive is the re-instatement of the border bubble, like the one we had last year,” Councillor Owen said.

“The QLD Government has indicated that it will relax restrictions on 17 December, or when QLD reached their 80% double dose vaccination target – whichever comes first.

“However, there will still be significant limitations on our ability to function as an interconnected community with the over-the-top proposed testing requirements for non-essential travel.

“Visiting family and friends, participating in community sport, attending weddings and funerals, and enjoying leisure and entertainment activities, still won’t be possible without having to have a COVID test- and that’s just not ok!

“We also need the QLD Government to implement a better system to minimise the anticipated huge queues at the border checkpoints, and the resulting gridlock on our local streets, come 17 December, or earlier. With checkpoints likely to remain until QLD reaches their 90% double dose vaccination target, how will the QLD Government alleviate the expected congestion and chaos? They must release their plan for this!

“That is why I’m calling on the QLD Government to show some Christmas compassion by releasing a plan for our border communities to alleviate the undue stress we are currently experiencing.

“And this plan must include the re-instatement of the border bubble until border checkpoints come down!