Tweed Flooding: will it impact your water bill?

Locals in the Tweed Shire who used water to clean up their homes and businesses after the recent flood shouldn’t worry about getting slapped with a huge water bill.

That’s the advice from the Tweed Shire Council, who said their records from previous floods showed that “cleaning up after floodwaters…does not result in a massive spike in residential water use or cost.”

The Shire’s Manager of Water and Wastewater, Anthony Burnham, told myGC that a review of the 2008 floods in Tumbulgum found only 1-in-8 properties used more water than normal, and the excess use was just 5000 litres. – at a cost of around $6.


Mr Burnham said the Council saw similar results after the January 2013 flooding.

“We fully expect a similar result from the floods of the past few weeks but invite any property owner who does receive an abnormally high bill to contact us and we will consider offering relief on its merits,” said Mr Burnham.

He added that while the local Fire Brigade tried to use Council hydrants during the flood clean-up, “if there are instances where they used water from private property, please bring that to our attention.”

The first of the post-flood water bills will be sent out from next week (1 May 2017).