Tweed Mayor “confident” Federal Government will extend support

Residents in the Tweed have been left gobsmacked and heartbroken after finding out they would not be entitled to the extra Commonwealth disaster payments announced by the Prime Minister yesterday.

Scott Morrison on Wednesday toured the flood-ravaged town of Lismore, where he declared the northern NSW floods a national emergency.

He also declared Lismore, Richmond Valley and Clarence Valley as ‘catastrophe zones’, opening the door for more support for impacted residents.


Despite parts of the Tweed being heavily impacted by the floods, the extra support payments have not been extended to residents there.

Speaking to Sunrise on Thursday, Tweed Mayor Chris Cherry said that she was “shocked and disappointed” when she heard the news.

However, she is remaining optimistic the region will eventually be included.

“We’ve looked into it further and I do believe that the allocation has been based on the assessments that have been done to date,” Mayor Cherry said.

“Because the floodwaters were so high, because the scale of the damage to our road network is so big, I believe that a lot of the assessors have not been able to get in there to assess the damage”.

“I’m very confident that once those assessments have been completed and sent to the Prime Minister’s office, we will also be included in that”.

In the meantime, Mayor Cherry has pleaded for those who have short-term holiday homes, including Airbnbs, to up their properties for those who have lost everything.

“People are really really hurting,” she said.

“I think the best thing we can do for people right at this time is, I’m making a call out to all people who own short-term holiday lets in the north coast, please consider putting them on the permanent rental market so that these people who have lost everything can have homes.

“We need shelter right now”.