Tweed Mayor’s radical plan to solve border issue

The Tweed Mayor has come up with a bold plan to solve the current borders woes – move the checkpoints south of the Tweed Shire.

The New South Wales Premier this week rejected a reject a request from Queensland to shift the checkpoints to the Tweed River.

Gladys Berejiklian said that congestion at the checkpoints is essentially Queensland’s problem, suggesting they be moved north instead.


Tweed Mayor Katie Milne has backed Ms Berejikilian’s decision to turn down Queensland’s plea.

But she’s now come up with her own suggestion to help solve the problem.

“As an alternative, the respective state governments may wish to consider moving the border checkpoints to the southern end of the Tweed Shire where traffic could be more easily controlled,” Cr Milne said.

“There are only three locations on the Motorway, Tweed Valley Way and Kyogle Road that would require checkpoints.

“This option would still impact residents and businesses however it is likely to be significantly less than the current arrangements.”

Councillor Milne says moving the checkpoint to the Tweed River would simply move the problem into the heart of the Tweed Shire.

“While the border communities are highly interconnected, the communities within the Tweed Shire are connected to an even greater degree.

“Many of our businesses including one of the largest local food supplier to our restaurants and cafes would be directly affected, as would our Council – one of the largest employers in the Tweed – with its civic centres and provision of essential services occurring both north and south of the Tweed River.”

Cr Milne says authorities should have foreseen the problems being experienced at the borders and has called for quicker processing at checkpoints.

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Best suggestion yet, although QLD police would have to travel a long way south to man the checkpoints

The border check point should be near the big BP near the Murwillumbah exit on M1. Then it will not disadvantage all of the communities like Pottsville, Casuarina etc

You have a 3 lanes on the gc hwy. 500 metres up towards the gc airport You could have a lane for paper displayed passes. One for phone checks and one for those with no passes
You block. Lang st entrance to gc hwy. And that would allow a better and more free moving route without as much delay

The Tweed river should be the border. Always has made sense even before the state’s closures.
Towns north of the river become apart of Queensland.
I have lived here and had family here all my life. And always have thought. Why isn’t the border line the river line.

Kate’s suggestion of making the border at Tweed/ Byron shire border (Yelgun) is a fabulous idea. That would work for All Tweed residents, including the Tweed Coast Residents.
There would be much less conflict.

Moving the border would putthe problem at the heart of the tweed??? The traffic runs right through the most important parts of the tweed now

I live in Tweed and don’t want to become QLD thanks

Queensland installed the border checkpoint it is queenslands problem.

I reckon take it to Clothiers Creek Road exit here wouldn’t affect too many locals. But it is a Qld issue, they installed the border. If they think that by moving the bordér to the very southern end of the Tweed shire or Into the Byron shire is a long way for Qld police – why not get the army to do it. Anastasia would have to pay for them to do it though, not NSW.