Tweed teen’s holographic theory film a finalist in world science challenge

What is holographic theory, and how does it relate to black holes?

You might think this was an area only explored by physicists with decades of experience, but 17-year-old Jesse Write from Murwillumbah has tackled the topic in a short film for the international Breakthrough Junior Challenge – and he’s been named as one of just 30 young people worldwide to make the final.

Being named a finalist is no small feat – the Challenge requires young people to produce an original video that brings to life a concept or theory in the life sciences, physics or mathematics fields.


In his video, he explains the complex topic of “holographic theory to try and make us think what makes up our universe.”

“Our universe is intrinsically weird, and for centuries physicists have been working and deciphering reality. We’re at a point where our understanding surpasses our technologies and equations developed by theorists such as Stephen Hawking are now at the forefront,” he says.

Jessie explains that the ‘holographic principal’ demonstrates that “there’s information on the edge of our universe that describes who we are, and may or may not control matter.”

Watch the short film below to learn more. You can help him win the popular vote category just by LIKE-ing and SHARE-ing it on Facebook – the winner will be the video with the most before voting closes on Thursday 2 November.

If he’s selected as the winner, Jesse’s video will be broadcast on American television.